ATC Simulation

ATC Simulation ATC Simulation is a real time online simulation game for gamers that are interested in air traffic control simulator, virtual airlines and airport games. In the ATC Simulation game you can take the role of being an air traffic controller at an airport, fly as a virtual airline pilot for one of our FSX Virtual Airlines or you can even become the manager of an airport or country in the game. ATC Simulation is a real time simulation game online that is played by real players and not computers. This means that in the ATC Simulation you will be interacting with other real people in the game while you are flying or providing ATC services online. ATC Simulation is essentially an online flying network for virtual airlines, air traffic controllers, virtual airline management and airport management all rolled into one in a realistic online gaming environment.

Our ATC Simulation Simulation Network for Flight Simulator allows persons interested in becoming Air Traffic Controllers as a hobby or profession to join and to learn and or practice Controlling. We use a sophisticated online flight simulation server and software to recreate ATC Simulation online as game.

ATC Simulation In order to join our Air Traffic Simulation game you must register as an Air Traffic Controller at one of the ATC Simulation simulation networks on the left side of our website. Joining as an Air Traffic Controller is completely free of charge. Some of these countries and ATC positions online are controlled by real world controllers and or affiliated with real world ATC Simulation organizations. This is so that you can meet real world air traffic controllers and find out information about becoming a real world air traffic controller. Become an Air Traffic Controller for Flight Simulator Pilots Online in our Game.

After you have completed a registration form to become an air traffic controller at one of the countries connected to the network you should be contacted by staff to start your training as a virtual air traffic controller. In order to connect to the network you will have to use an ATC Simulator called SimRadar to login once you have been pre-approved by ATC staff. Once you have completed the required Air Traffic Controller training for the country you have requested to join you will be able to provide ATC Simulation services to virtual airline pilots. Virtual airline pilots connect to the network using client software with their flight simulator.

As an air traffic controller in the game you will be introduced to the local ATC Simulation procedures as they pertain to the country that you have chosen to control in. You will be involved in an ATC Simulation game with many other virtual air traffic controllers and flight simulator pilots from around the world and interacting with these players online live.